Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I found these two neat recipes here - http://oldfashionedliving.com/lavender2.html
They look really neat! :-)

Lavender Tea Blend

1 teaspoon fresh lavender flowers

2 tablespoon fresh mint leaves

2 tablespoon fresh lemon balm

2 cups boiling water

In a teapot, combine the herbs. Add boiling water to the pot and steep 5 minutes. Serve with honey. Makes two cups of tea. If you want to add a black tea bag or loose tea of your choice you can add another cup of boiling water and make 3 cups of a stronger tea.

Charming Lavender Tea Gift

You will need:

1/3 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

4 teaspoons orange pekoe tea

New or vintage tea cup and saucer

small plastic bag, or plastic wrap

Tea Ball


Mix the herbs and tea then place in a piece of plastic wrap or a small bag and tie tightly with a ribbon. Place in the clean dry tea cup, with the tea ball (they are very inexpensive and can be found in most store kitchen sections) Include a note that this should steep for five minutes in boiled water. Wrap in tissue paper and place in a gift bag for a great gift for teachers and co-workers.

(Or anyone! :-)).

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  1. Ooh! That tea looks sooooo good! And that second idea is a GREAT gift idea! I'm bookmarking it. :)