Monday, March 23, 2009

Brew the perfect cup (or pot) of tea

Have you ever been to someone's home, been offered some tea, then nearly gagged on the watery concoction they put in front of you? I find that many people who drink tea do not know how to brew a proper cup of tea. It's a matter of the amount of time you brew the tea for--if you brew black tea too long, the flavor is lost and becomes muggy, bitter, or dulled. But if you don't brew it long enough, you don't have enough flavor. Here are the simple brewing directions for each basic type of tea:

Black ~ brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on if you like stronger or weaker tea

Herbal ~ brew for 3-5 minutes, just like with black (keep in mind that herbal tea does not lose its flavor if brewed for longer than 5 minutes)

White ~ brew 1-3 minutes unless directed otherwise

Green ~ brew 1-3 minutes (generally 2 minutes) or else the flavor will be bitter

-Fill your mug or pot with hot tap water before you pour in boiling water to brew tea. This will increase the cup's (or pot's) warmth and preserve the heat of your tea
-Sweeten tea with sugar or honey if desired. Cream goes well in black teas (which include assam and oolong teas)


  1. Thanks for posting that! It was very interesting! :-) I will keep that in mind when brewing my tea! :-)