Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loose Leaf Tea Anyone?

Last night my Cousin and his fiancee came over for dinner, and he very kindly brought some loose leaf tea for me to try. (He insisted that it was better then bagged tea, and being a tea lover, I had to try it! :-)).

First we picked what kind of tea we were going to brew, and settled on Irish Breakfast. We placed two teaspoons (enough for two cups of tea) into his loose leaf tea steeper
and poured in the hot water. (Note - after boiling the water we let it sit for a moment so it wouldn't be QUITE as hot, but only let it sit for like a minute or two.).
We let the tea sit for 3 minutes, and then he poured it into the cups. (The tea steeper was pretty cool, you just place it on top of the cup, and press slightly, and the tea comes out! Hehe! :-)).
I added some milk to mine, (because that's how I like my black tea), and tasted it! It was really good! I've had Irish Breakfast tea in the past, but I think I prefer the loose leaf! :-)
Now I want to go to the tea store and get others to try! :-) (I'd like to do a taste test - one cup of loose leaf and one cup on bagged tea, just to see how they taste different. :-)).

So, I'd like to know, which kind do YOU prefer? Loose Leaf or Bagged? :-)

Thanks for sharing Zach! :-)


  1. Ooh Neat! :D I've never had loose-leaf tea, so I really couldn't say! :D

  2. We only steep it loose! Nice cousin you have :)

  3. we sell tea. want a sample just leave e-mail on my blog. and say for tea!