Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spring Tea Party - Part Two - Party Games

At your Spring Tea Party you should play at least two games, to make things more interesting for the guests.

Here are some ideas for you -

Tea Party Bingo (Taken from

Take a piece of paper and put five boxes down and five boxes across, and mark the middle one "Free". Then have the guests write words like - one in each box - "Tea" "Tea pot" "Sugar" "Milk" "Scones" "Jam", etc (ideas at the web site :-) Just list the words you want them to use at the bottom of the paper and have them write it in themselves. :-)). Then throughout the party use the words in different stories, or just randomly call one of them out. The first person to mark down five of the words in a row (Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal) calls out "Bingo!" and wins. (If you want too you can have small prizes for the winners - a tea cup, a little knit bag full of different kinds of tea bags, etc.).

Game number two is called Change Seats - (Taken from

Change Seats -
This is a variation on a Victorian game, but a warning to those attempting this one, clear the room of precious little decorations, it can get a little wild! All but one person sits in a chair. The person in the middle asks someone in the circle "Do you love your neighbor?" The person selected then has to state either "No." at which point the people in the chairs on each side of him/her have to change seats QUICKLY. If they aren't quick enough, the person in the middle may slip into one of the vacated seats, making the unseated neighbor it. The chosen person may instead answer, "Yes, I love my neighbor, except those who (fill in the blank....are wearing blue, or have brown hair, or play tennis, etc) Everyone who fits the description (ie is wearing blue for example) has to jump up and change seats, while the person in the middle tries to steal one. The person left standing has to ask another person if he/she loves his/her neighbor, beginning a new round.

(Note - If your guests don't feel comfortable saying "No" when asked if they love their neighbor, just make up another saying for them! :-)).

I hope your Spring Tea Party is fun! (And sorry again for getting this post up so late!!).

God bless!

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