Monday, April 20, 2009

Recycling Tea Boxes

Spring is here, and spring means planting seeds and hoping that they sprout into cute little plants! But here is an eco-friendly (and fun) idea for planting seeds.

Once you've finished enjoying a box of your favorite Celestial Seasonings tea, tear off the top and the two inside flaps. Keep the white paper liner inside the box - it will keep your seedling starter from leaking. Cover the bottom of the lined box with ½ inch of sand to ensure proper drainage, then fill the rest of the box with a seedling-specific planting mix. That's it—you've made a seedling starter! Select a favorite flower, herb or veggie and plant seeds in your starter according to the seed packet's instructions.


  1. Ok, that is SUCH a cute idea!!! :-) Thanks for posting it!!

  2. That IS a cute idea Liv! :D